John East


East Professional make drop-in retrofit preamps for J and P style basses. They can be installed without modification of the bass itself. Since being launched in 1998, demand for Easts onboard bass electronics systems has spread world wide based on word of mouth recommendations from happy musiciand and positive magazine reviews.

John East was a professional bass player before becoming an electronics design engineer for Solid State Logic. He left SSL to co-found Sony Oxford prior to launching East Professional.

All East products have been designed and made in the UK, with high quality components used throughout. These include parts such as Switchcraft jacks and custom ALPS pots. Hardware, such as the knobs and plates has been designed in house and is custom made.

The range includes:

J-Retro: fit standard J-style basses, three stacked knobs, active blend plus 3 band EQ with bass, variable frequency mid, treble, bright switch

Marcus Retro: fit Marcus signature basses, EQ frequencies match those of the preamp Marcus uses.

U-Retro: three and five knob systems to fit any bass

MMSR: a range of preamps for Stingray basses

Stomp: East preamp in a stomp box

P-Retro: fits standard P-style basses, two stacked knobs with pull switches, original controls fully retained via passive path, active path provides 2.5dB gain plus mid boost or bass/treble boost and variable EQ frequencies

Tone lifter: drop in module for Strat-style guitars, provides bypass, mid boost or bass/treble boost

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